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Capella 6

S3080, also called Whitney 4


Designation 48605 / 21041BE
Launch date 15 May 2021
Country of origin United States
Mission Remote sensing
Perigee/Apogee 575/594 km
Inclination 53°
Period 96.2 min
Launch vehicle Falcon #126

SAR operating at 9600 MHz +/- 300 MHz
Downlink: centered at 8212.5 MHz (337.5 MHz wide)

TT&C: downlink: center at 8027 MHz (1.4 MHz wide); uplink: center at 2036 MHz (1.4 MHz wide)

Inter-satellite link with Inmarsat: transmit 1525-1559 MHz, receive 1626.5-1660 MHz

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