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Also called ESSP 4 or P00-4


Designation 29107 / 06016A
Launch date 28 Apr 2006
Country of origin United States
Operator NASA JPL
Mission Remote sensing
Perigee/Apogee 705 km, sun synchronous
Inclination 98.2°
Launch vehicle Delta 2 #314

Part of the ESSP (Earth System Science Pathfinder) program. Should cost $135 million

CloudSat use advanced cloud-profiling radar to provide information on the vertical structure of highly dynamic tropical cloud systems. This new radar enables measurements of cloud properties for the first time on a global basis, revolutionizing our understanding of cloud-related issues. Built with Colorado State University.

Went operational on 2 Jun 2006. Working perfectly in Apr 2007. Part of the "A train".
After the loss of a reaction wheel the satellite removed from the "A train" in Feb 2018 and its orbit lowered.

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Technical data


Prime contractor Ball Aerospace
Platform BCP-2000
Mass at launch  
Dry mass 999 kg
Payload pass 250 kg
Solar array  
DC power 700 W
Design lifetime 2 years

24 Gbit data storage


94 GHz Cloud Profiling Radar (CPR)

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