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Cosmos 2281


Designation 23119 / 94032A
Launch date 7 Jun 1994 at 07:20 UT
Country of origin CIS
Mission Military: reconnaissance (Vostok/Zenit or Oblik; 4th generation)
Perigee/Apogee 192/265 km
Inclination 82.6°
Period 88.7 min
Launch vehicle Soyuz
Launch site Plesetsk

The number 2281 had earlier been assigned to an identical spacecraft that was launched on May 26 but failed to attain orbit.

This flight could be similar to Cosmos 2207 in 1992. The first Vostok based spy satellites were the Zenit 2 series. The first one to reach orbit, in 1962, was given the code name Cosmos 0004. The Zenit derived spy satellites have now been almost entirely phased out in favour of a newer bus called Yantar'.

End of life

Decay 29 Jun 1994

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