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Cosmos 2349


Designation 25167 / 98009A
Launch date 17 Feb 1998
Country of origin CIS
Mission Military: reconnaissance (Kometa; 4th generation)
Perigee/Apogee 228/286 km
Inclination 70.4°
Period 90 min
Launch vehicle Soyuz

The SPIN-2 payload was onboard (US mapping project) During 45 days in low orbit this satellite has taken photos of 1.2 million square miles of the Earth's surface for American companies. In particular, the satellite has taken high-resolution photographs (2 m) of the United States to fulfill a contract signed last summer by Russia's Sovinformsputnik and the U.S. Aerial Images company.

The photos were properly recovered after decay. They will be on sale on the TerraServer.

Downlink: 15.03 GHz 40.08 GHz

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End of life

Out of service before 2 Apr 1998
Cause decay
Decay 2 Apr 1998

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