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Designation 43866 / 18106A
Launch date 19 Dec 2018
Country of origin France
Mission Military: Remote sensing (reconnaissance)
Perigee/Apogee 800 km, sun-synchronous
Inclination 98.6°
Period 100.9 min
Launch vehicle Soyuz VS20

The CSO instrument features major technological advances in relation to Helios 2, including new visible and infrared band detectors, more highly integrated video electronics, new cooling mechanisms for the infrared channel and a new ceramic framework for the telescope. Compared with the instrument on Helios 2, the CSO instrument is 30% larger with twice as many parts for significantly higher resolution images, but development time was cut by 40%. CSO is considered the largest and most complex "space camera" ever developed in Europe.

Best resolution probably around 0.3 m

Technical data


Prime contractor Airbus Defence and Space
Platform Astrosat-1000
Mass at launch 3566 kg
Dry mass  
Solar array  
Stabilization 3-axis
DC power  
Design lifetime 10 years

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