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Dash Japan

Demonstrator of Atmospheric Reentry System with Hyper velovity


Designation 27368 / 02003B
Launch date 4 Feb 2002
Country of origin Japan
Mission Technology
Perigee/Apogee 500 / 36000 km
Inclination 28.5°
Launch vehicle H2 #8

End of life

Out of service 4 Feb 2002
Cause Would have stayed attached to the VEP 3 compoment. Cannot fullfil its mission.

Collaborative mission between ISAS and NASDA. The main objective of the mission is to demonstrate high-velocity atmospheric earth reentry at the velocity over 10 km/s and to conduct "high-velocity reentry measurements" by onboard instruments during the flight.

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Technical data


Prime contractor Isas
Mass at launch 89 kg (including 18.9 kg of the capsule)
Dry mass 85.8 kg
Dimension 98.8 x 70 x 54 cm
Solar array  
DC power  
Design lifetime 3 days

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