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Detection of Electro-Magnetic Emissions Transmitted from Earthquake Regions


Designation 28368 / 04025C
Launch date 29 Jun 2004
Country of origin France
Mission Scientific: ionosphere study
Perigee/Apogee 700 km, sunsynchronous
Inclination 98.3°
Period 99 min
Launch vehicle Dnepr #4

To measure high-altitude electric and magnetic signals which coincide or immediately follow seismic or volcanic activity.

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Technical data


Prime contractor Astrium
Platform Myriade
Mass at launch 125 kg
Mass in orbit  
Solar array 180 W
DC power  
Design lifetime 2 years

S-band command and telemetry (2208 MHz) and X-band data downlink (16.8 Mbps).

Carries a set of 3 magnetic sensors (IMSC), magnetic sensors (ICE), a plasma analyser (IAP), a Langmuir probe (ISL) and a particle detector (IDP).

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