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Dong Fang Hong 135

Also called Feng Yun 2-08, FY 2-08, FY-2G


Designation 40367 / 14090A
Launch date 31 Dec 2014
Country of origin China
Mission Meteorology
Geostationary orbit 99°E
Launch vehicle Long March 3 #195

In the FY-2 series, this satellite is reported to have 25 technical improvments


Begin End Position
L:   99°E
Jul 2015 Apr 2018 104.4°E
Apr 2018   99°E

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Technical data

Carries 2 main instruments:

The scanning radiometer has two infrared long wave channels, one infrared medium wave channel, one visible spectrum channel and one water vapour channel could take a full disk image covering one third of Earth surface per half an hour during flood season and per hour in other periods, and could realise high-frequency continuous observation every 6 minutes for any region.

The space environment monitor is able to develop monitoring for solar X-ray, high- energy proton, high-energy electron, high-energy heavy particle flow.

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