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Dong Fang Hong 187

Also called Queqiao


Designation 43470 / 18045A
Launch date 20 May 2018
Country of origin China
Mission Telecommunications
Perigee/Apogee non-earth orbit: 13000 km around Earth-Moon L2
Launch vehicle Long March #256

World's first communication satellite operating in Earth-Moon L2 orbit (13000 km around EML2). Will form a communication bridge between controllers on Earth and the far side of the Moon where the Chang'e-4 lunar probe is expected to touch down.

The satellite, with a mass of about 400 kg and with a designed life of three years, carries several antennas. One, with a diameter of 4.2 meters, is the largest communication antenna ever used in deep space exploration.

It is also equipped with a low-frequency radio spectrometer developed by Dutch scientists, to "listen" to the deeper reaches of the cosmos.
A small lunar optical imaging detector developed by Saudi Arabia is installed on the satellite.

Downlink on 2234.52 MHz

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