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Dong Fang Hong 30

Also called Feng Yun 1-2, means "wind and cloud"


Designation 20788 / 90081A
Launch date 3 Sep 1990
Country of origin China
Mission Meteorology
Perigee/Apogee 875/897 km
Inclination 98.8°
Period 102.7 min
Launch vehicle Long March 4

Mission: weather forcasting and environment monitoring; cloud, ice, snow and flood monitoring; sea color and surface temperature.

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Technical data



Prime contractor State Met Administration
Mass at launch 750 kg
Stabilization 3-axis
Design lifetime 1 year

APT-Downlink is approximately 36kHz wide FM-modulated, APT-FAX format.

APT downlink freq. 137.800MHz (currently not active)
HRPT downlink freq. ? (around 1700MHz?, active)
Beacon freq.

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