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Dong Fang Hong 312

Also called Fengtai Shaonian 2, CAS 5A


Designation 54684 / 22167C
Launch date 9 Dec 2022
Country of origin China
Mission Technology
Perigee/Apogee 537/556 km
Inclination 97.5°
Period 95.4 min
Launch vehicle Smart Dragon 3 #2

Student satellite from southwest dictrict of Beijing.
6U cubesat
Carries multiple amateur transponders and known as Fengtai-Oscar 118.
Transmits on 435.505 MHz, 435.540 MHz, 435.570 MHz (beacon), 435.600 MHz, 435.650 MHz (telemetry).
Uplinks on 21.435 MHz, 145.820 MHz and 14.925 MHz.

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