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Dong Fang Hong 37

Also called Jianbing 93 or FSW 1-5


Designation 22859 / 93063A (or 22870 / 93063H)
Launch date 8 Oct 1993 at 08:00 UT
Country of origin China
Mission Remote sensing (FSW)
Perigee/Apogee 177/2629 km
Inclination 56.5°
Period 113.9 min
Launch vehicle Long March 2C

Contained a Mao's medallion of 28 g made of 44 South-African diamants that should have been sold by auction at its return on earth by Zhonyu company.

The reentry vehicle fired its deorbit motor successfully but, alas, in the wrong direction; the capsule ended up in a 187 x 3016 km orbit, starting from a low 196 x 251 km orbit.

End of life

Decay 12 Mar 1996

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