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Dong Fang Hong 74

Also called Haiyang 1B or HY-1B


Designation 31113 / 07010A
Launch date 11 Apr 2007
Country of origin China
Mission Meteorology
Perigee/Apogee 782/815 km
Inclination 98.6°
Period 101 min
Launch vehicle Long March 2C #93

Operated by the National Marine Satellite Application Center.

Is an improved version of Haiyang 1. Next satellite to be launched in 2009.

It is an oceanic survey satellite equipped with a 10-band sea watercolor scanner (OCTS) and a four-band CCD imaging device (250 m resolution). It can observe seas and oceans at different levels and monitor changes in marine environment.

More details in first satellite Dong Fang Hong 53. Haiyang 1-A's technical flaws had been removed from the upgraded satellite, and the data quality to be collected would be improved.

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2272.92-2274.12 MHz (downlink)
2093.03-2094.03 MHz (uplink)

Other possible frequencies:
8231-8281 MHz
8349.4-8399.4 MHz

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