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Dragracer 1 and 2

Also called Alchemy and Augury


Designation 46954 / 20085AB
46955 / 20085AC
Launch date 20 Nov 2020
Country of origin United States
Mission Technology
Perigee/Apogee 503/523 km
Inclination 97.4°
Period 94.4 min
Launch vehicle Electron #16

Owned by TriSept

The mission will test the effectiveness of new tether technologies designed to accelerate spacecraft reentry and reduce orbital debris at the conclusion of space missions.

6U cubesat from Millennium Space Systems (Raptor bus). One with a 70m long tether drag, the other without to compare the reenter time.

Alchemy / 1 (with tether)
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Augury / 2 (no tether)
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