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DSCS 3-13

Also called USA 167 (code A3)


Designation 27691 / 03008A
Launch date 11 Mar 2003
Country of origin United States
Mission Military: Telecommunications
Geostationary orbit unofficial: 135°W
Launch vehicle Delta #296

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Technical data


Prime contractor Lockheed Martin
Mass at launch 2733 kg
Dry mass approx 900 kg
Solar array  
Stabilization 3-axis
DC power BOL: 1700 W
EOL: 1230 W
Design lifetime 10 years

Other specifications might be similar to these of the earlier satellites


- Six independent Super High Frequency (SHF) transponders and one special purpose single channel transponder operating on both SHF and Ultra High Frequency
- Three receive antennas (two Earth coverage horns, one steerable 61-beam nulling lens)
- Five transmit antennas (two Earth coverage horns, two steerable19-beam wave guide lens, one high gain parabolic gimbaled dish)

Other payload details

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