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Electro 1

Also called GOMS N1 (GOMS = Global Operational Meteo System)


Designation 23327 / 94069A
Launch date 31 Oct 1994
Country of origin CIS
Mission Meteorology
Geostationary orbit see below
Launch vehicle Proton #228

It will provide cloud cover and sea temperature maps, along with the data on the upper boundaries of clouds and wind speeds, to enable hurricane, floods, and typhoon warnings.

Operational since 1 Jun 1996. It broadcasts on 1691 MHz (WEFAX with a minimum filter of 50 KHz)


Begin End Position
L: 31 Oct 1994 Sep 1998 76.5°E
Mar 1999   66°E drifting
Aug 1999   72°E drifting
Oct 1999   76°E drifting
May 2000   84°E

End of life

Out of service Sep 1998?
Cause end of life

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Technical data


Prime contractor VNII-EM
Platform Electro
Mass at launch 2400 kg
Payload mass 800 kg
Stabilization 3-axis
DC power 1500 W
Design lifetime 3 years

Wave bands: 0.46-0.7 µm (visible) & 10.5-12.5 µm (infrared)
One image every 30 minutes

Continuous downlink: 1.691 & 2.155 & 8.155 GHz (1200 bps)
15-minute sessions (every half or quarter of hour): 1.685 & 7.465 GHz (2.56 Mbps)
Other short sessions: 8.190 & 7.465 GHz (upto 0.96 Mbps)
Occasional: 469 MHz (downlink) & 2.110 MHz (uplink)
Data collection: in the 401-403 MHz band, 33 international and 100 soviet channels at 100 bps. Retransmission at 1.697 and 7.482 MHz

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