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Eutelsat Sesat 1

Sesat stands for Siberian Europe Satellite
Renamed Eutelsat 16C in 2012


Designation 26243 / 00019A
Launch date 17 Apr 2000
Country of origin Europe
Mission Telecommunications
Geostationary orbit see below
Launch vehicle Proton #274

Cost: $169 million The contract calls for a replacement satellite in case of failure. Took over the Euteltracs service (fleet management). Replaced Eutelsat 2F3 on 8 Jun 2000.

The satellite is monitored by Sri Lanka Telecom for the Asian region.


Begin End Position
L: 17 Apr 2000 Jun 2000 39°E
Jun 2000 Jan 2010 36°E
Jan 2010 Feb 2012 16°E
Feb 2012 Feb 2018 14.5°E, inclined

End of life

Out of service Feb 2018
Cause moved to the junk orbit

External resources


sat-index articles

Technical data

Lyngsat transponder loading

EIRP coverage (dBW)


Prime contractor NPO-PM / Alcatel Espace (payload)
Platform derived from Express (MSO-2500)
Mass at launch 2600 kg
Mass in orbit  
Solar array 26.5 m span
Stabilization 3-axis
DC power 5600 W (full eclipse protection)
Design lifetime 10 years


Main transponders 18
Backup transponders  
Power 84 W (TWTA)
Bandwidth 72 MHz
Coverage fixed beam: Europe
steerable spot: currently for India
EIRP max fixed: 47 dBW
steerable: 49 dBW
G/T max +4 dB/K
Polarization linear
Frequencies 10.950-11.200 GHz (6 transp.)
11.450-11.700 GHz (6 transp.)
12.500-12.750 GHz (6 transp.)

Beacons: 11.45035, 11.19950 and 12.50100 GHz H

Ku-band Transponder frequency chart (GHz)

Transponder Vertical
  10.99167 B1   14.29167 Fixed Fixed
14.29167   B2 10.99167   Fixed Fixed
  11.07500 B3   14.37500 Fixed Fixed
14.37500   B4 11.07500   Fixed Fixed
  11.15833 B5   14.45833 Fixed Fixed or steerable
14.45833   B6 11.15833   Fixed Fixed or steerable
  11.49167 D1   13.79167 Fixed Fixed or steerable
13.79167   D2 11.49167   Fixed Fixed or steerable
  11.57500 D3   13.87500 Fixed or steerable Fixed or steerable
13.87500   D4 11.57500   Fixed or steerable Fixed or steerable
  11.65833 D5   13.95833 Fixed or steerable Fixed
13.95833   D6 11.65833   Fixed or steerable Fixed
  12.54167 F1   14.04167 Fixed or steerable Fixed
14.04167   F2 12.54167   Fixed or steerable Fixed
  12.62500 F3   14.12500 Fixed Fixed
14.12500   F4 12.62500   Fixed Fixed
  12.70833 F5   14.20833 Fixed Fixed
14.20833   F6 12.70833   Fixed Fixed

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