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Eutelsat W2M

Renamed Eutelsat 16B in 2011, later Eutelsat 48B, then Eutelsat 28B


Designation 33460 / 08065B
Launch date 20 Dec 2008
Country of origin Europe
Mission Telecommunications
Geostationary orbit see below
Launch vehicle Ariane V186

Was fully insured.

Was designed to provide additional security for customers and can be deployed at a number of orbital positions of the W satellite fleet.

Insurers should pay between EUR100 and EUR140 million in compensation of the failure. Only 8 Ku-band transponders are usable. Estimated end of life in 2020.


Begin End Position
L: 20 Dec 2008 Jan 2009 1.7°E (tests)
Feb 2009 Apr 2009 9.8°E
May 2009 May 2009 4°E
Jun 2009 Jan 2010 3.1°E
Feb 2010 Dec 2011 16.2°E, to rescue Eutelsat W2 customers
Jan 2012 Jul 2012 48°E
Aug 2012 Jan 2014 28.5°E
Feb 2014 Jan 2021 48°E, renamed Afghansat 1 and Eutelsat 48D
Feb 2021 Jul 2023 12.5°W inclined, renamed Eutelsat 12 West E

End of life

Out of service Jul 2023
Cause Sent to junk orbit

Technical data

Lyngsat transponder loading


Prime contractor EADS Astrium & Isro
Platform ISRO I3K
Mass at launch 3460 kg
Dry mass 1555 kg
Solar array 15.7 m span
Stabilization 3-axis
DC power EOL: 7 kW
Design lifetime 15 years

Antrix/ISRO will supply the satellite bus, based on the flight proven I3K model, and integrate and test the spacecraft.

Ku-band fixed

Main transponders 32 (26 simul)
Backup transponders  
Coverage Europe, North Africa and the Middle East
EIRP max  
G/T max  

Ku-band steerable

Main transponders
Backup transponders  
EIRP max  
G/T max  

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