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Extreme Ultra Violet Explorer


Designation 21987 / 92031A
Launch date 7 Jun 1992
Country of origin United States
Mission Scientific: Astronomy
Perigee/Apogee 503/527 km
Inclination 28.4°
Period 94.9 min
Launch vehicle Delta 2 #210

EUVE has completed a survey of the entire celestial sphere in the extreme ultraviolet (UV) spectrum. Spectroscopic observations of individual targets are now made possible for guest observers.

In Sep 2000 NASA decided to stop supporting the satellite at the end of the year to meet budget cuts. Was switched off on 2 Feb 2001.

End of life

Decay 31 Jan 2002

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Technical data

Based on the MultiMission Spacecraft bus. 3175 kg

Telemetry & command via TDRS.
Telemetry: 2287.5 MHz (realtime: 1/32 kbps, playback: upto 1024 kbps)
Command: 2106.4 MHz (1/0.125 kbps)

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