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Faisat 2V

Also called Vitasat 1R


Designation 24954 / 97052B
Launch date 23 Sep 1997
Country of origin United States
Mission Telecommunications
Perigee/Apogee 1000 km
Inclination 83°
Period 105 min
Launch vehicle Cosmos 3M
Launch site Plesetsk LC132

Should have been launched in April 1997 with Cosmos 2341 Launch cost approx. $100,000 Power problems have been reported when operating in eclipse.

Equipped with a VHF/UHF scanner to map the use of frequencies below 1 GHz.

It carries the VITA secondary payload. It enables the delivery back and forth of email through gateways around the world. The payload is based on a Loral RS 6000 Command ad Data Handling processor with 16 MB of storage. Uplink in the 148-149.9 MHz band, Downlink tunable in the 400-401 MHz band, nominal downlink: 400.55 MHz RHCP 1 active transponder (+ 1 spare) of 15 W

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Technical data


Prime contractor  
Platform 21KF2 piggyback bus (100 kg)
Mass at launch 114.5 kg
Mass in orbit  
Dimension deployed 1.8 m diameter x 6.8 m length
Stabilization gradient stabilized
DC power 75 W
Design lifetime 5 years

From earth mobile equipment: Uplink: 455-456 and 459-460 MHz, Downlink: 400.62 MHz and 400.55 MHz, GMSK modulation, with Forward Error Correction, 4800 and 9600 bps

Command: 148.7 MHz ?

Uplink to satellite: up to 19.2 kbps, Downlink from satellite: up to 128 kbps (256 kbps in the dedicated bus version). The satellite carries a frequency scanner to dynamically select free spectrum (1 MHz scan in 300 Hz segments every second)

Has an on-board GPS receiver. Data is handled by a RISC 6000 processor, 160 MB RAM

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