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Foton 10


Designation 23497 / 95006A
Launch date 16 Feb 1995 at 17:40 UT
Country of origin CIS
Mission Scientific: microgravity studies
Perigee/Apogee 228/391 km
Inclination 62.8°
Period 94 min
Launch vehicle Soyuz
Launch site Plesetsk LC43
Mass at launch 6300 kg (retrievable experiment: 2250 kg)

The mission carried "KASHTAN", "ZONA", "SPLAV", "Biobox 2", "IBIS" instruments for zero-gravity material, and biotechnological experiments.

Biobox 2 is an incubator with experiments on cells responsible for bone mineralization and on small living organism. These experiments will contribute to a better understanding of the phenomenon of bone mass loss experienced by astronauts in space and will help identify and quantify the influence of absence of gravity on living systems.

End of life

Landing 3 Mar 1995

The descent cabin was severly damaged when it was dropped by the helicopter carrying it back for deintegration. Thus many experiments were destroyed.

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