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Fuji 1B

Also called JAS 1A or FO-20 or Oscar 20


Designation 20480 / 90013C
Launch date 7 Feb 1990
Country of origin Japan
Mission Telecommunications
Perigee/Apogee 908/1743 km
Inclination 99°
Period 112.2 min
Launch vehicle H1
Mass at launch 50 kg

Only operates in analog mode after failures. The beacon has been delimited to sending a permanent carrier.

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Technical data

Packet Radio Mailbox and Digipeater, and a mode J analog transponder.

Mode JD uplink 1200bps Manchester coded (Biphase-L) FSK (FM) AX.25
145.850 145.870 145.890 145.910 MHz

Mode JD downlink 1200bps BPSK (SSB) AX.25
435.910 MHz
Mode JA uplink 145.900 - 146.000 MHz (SSB, CW)
Mode JA downlink 435.900 - 435.800 MHz (SSB, CW, inverting)
Mode JA Beacon 435.795 MHz

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