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Genesis 2

Also called Genesis PathFinder 2


Designation 31789 / 07028A
Launch date 28 Jun 2007
Country of origin United States
Mission Technology
Perigee/Apogee 555/562 km
Inclination 64.5°
Launch vehicle Dnepr #10
Launch site Yasny

Second pathfinder space module designed to test and confirm systems for future manned commercial space modules. It employs an architecture with a flexible outer surface that is wrapped around a central core at launch, and which expands into orbit through air inflation.

II carries a series of enhancements over the first satellite.

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Technical data


Prime contractor Bigelow Aerospace
Mass at launch 1300 kg
Dry mass  
Dimension 4.2 long x 1.8 diameter m stowed (2.5 m diameter deployed)
Solar array 2 solar panels
DC power  
Design lifetime 5 years

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