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Goes 12

Was named Goes M before launch


Designation 26871 / 01031A
Launch date 23 Jul 2001
Country of origin United States
Mission Meteorology
Geostationary orbit see below
Launch vehicle Atlas Centaur #133

Satellite worth $380 million. Testing around 90°W, was declared fit for service on 21 Dec 2001.

Entered service in April 2003 and replaced Goes 08.

Experienced an anomaly on 4th Dec 2007 during a scheduled North-South station keeping manoeuvre. There was a leak in the oxidiser line of thruster 2B and the thruster had to be isolated. Service was restored on 17 Dec 2007.

Went offline on 14 Dec 2008 because of a thruster leak on an oxidiser supply.


Begin End Position
L: 23 Jul 2001 Dec 2002 104°W, storage
Apr 2003 Apr 2010 75°W
May 2010 Aug 2013 60°W (South America coverage)

End of life

Out of service Aug 2013
Cause retired

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Technical data


Carries a new solar soft X-ray imager (SXI) prototype for realtime solar forecasting (one photo per minute).
The 6.7 micron water vapor channel (used for upper level winds) resolution improved from 8 km to 4 km

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