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Gomx 3


Designation 40949 / 98067GZ
Launch date 19 Aug 2015, deployed on 5 Oct 2015
Country of origin Denmark
Mission Scientific
Launch vehicle H2B #40
Deployed from ISS

3U cubesat with 3-axis control. Relayed ADS-B signals from airplanes

GomX-3's distinctive helical antenna has detected millions of signals from aircraft, building a detailed map of global aviation traffic.

GomX-3 also carried a miniaturised X-band transmitter, developed by Syrlinks in France, which has demonstrated the rapid download of data. In addition, the CubeSat was measuring radio signals emitted by telecom satellites to assess their overall transmission efficiency and how their signal quality changes with respect to distance from their target footprints.

End of life

Decay 18 Oct 2016

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