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Means "far away", also called Muses B and Halca (Highly Advanced Laboratory for Communications and Astronomy)


Designation 24720 / 97005A
Launch date 12 Feb 1997
Country of origin Japan
Mission Scientific: astronomy
Perigee/Apogee 565 / 21462 km
Inclination 31.3°
Period 374 min
Launch vehicle Mu 5

Operated by Isas

Haruka is the space segment of the VSOP (VLBI Space Observatory Programme), and will unfurl an 8-meter radiotelescope antenna to make joint observations with ground based radio observatories, simulating a telescope larger than the Earth. Haruka carries detectors operating at 1.6, 5 and 22 GHz, and will be able to make radio images with very high spatial resolution, permitting precise measurements of quasar jets and galactic maser sources.

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