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International Ultraviolet Explorer


Designation 10637 / 78012A
Launch date 26 Jan 1978
Country of origin International
Operator NASA + ESA
Mission Scientific: UV astronomy
Perigee/Apogee 30252/41315 km
Inclination 34.5°
Period 1435.9 min
Launch vehicle Thor Delta #132
Mass at launch 671 kg

A joint NASA/ESA/SERC (Search and Engineering Research Council) observatory satellite designed for ultraviolet spectrometry of cosmic UV sources. ESA's contribution was the construction of the spacecraft's solar panels and a ground station at Villafranca, Spain.

On 1st October 1995 the primary control of the still operating spacecraft was transferred from NASA to ESA. This because of NASA's cost reduction efforts.

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End of life

Out of service 30 Sep 1996
Cause planned end of exploitation

Technical data


Mass at launch 644 kg
Length 4.17 m
Width 1.45 m
Solar array 45 m²
Stabilization 3-axis
Design lifetime 3 years

Payload: 0.45 m diameter UV telescope + 4 spectrographs

Telemetry: 138.86 & 2249.0 MHz
Command: 149.0 MHz

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