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Japanese Earth Resource Sensing satellite, also called Fuyo 1


Designation 21867 / 92007A
Launch date 11 Feb 1992 at 01:50 UT
Country of origin Japan
Mission Remote sensing
Perigee/Apogee 567/568 km
Inclination 97.7°
Period 96 min
Launch vehicle H1
Mass at launch 1340 kg

Had problems to open out its SAR antenna that were solved. Is working with 1 third of its power (4000 W instead of 12) thus the performance is not maximum

End of life

Out of service 11 Oct 1998
Cause malfunction in its attitude control system or power supply system
Decay 3 Dec 2001

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Technical data


Prime contractor Mitsubishi
Mass at launch 1400 kg
Length 0.93 m
Width 1.83 m
Height 3.16 m
Solar array 7 x 3.5 m
SAR Antenna 11.9 x 2.4 m
Stabilization 3-axis
Design lifetime 2 years

Downlink: 2220 MHz

SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar)

Frequency 1.3 GHz (L-band)
Resolution 18 x 18 m
Swath width 75 km

Mission: high resolution monitoring of land use and type, glacier extent, snow cover, surface topography, ocean currents and waves.

OPS (Optical Scanner)

Wavebands 0.52-0.6 µm (visible)
0.63-0.69 µm (visible)
0.76-0.96 µm (near IR)
1.6-1.7 µm (near IR)
2.0-2.4 µm (near IR)
Resolution 18 x 24 m
Swath width 75 km

Mission: pollution monitoring in oceans and lakes, land use classification, cloud and snow discrimination.

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