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Also called NOAA 20


Designation 43013 / 17073A
Launch date 18 Nov 2017
Country of origin United States
Mission Meteorology
Perigee/Apogee 824 km, sun-synchronous
Inclination 98.7°
Period 101.3 min
Launch vehicle Delta 2 #378

Carries 5 major instruments:
- CERES: Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System: to measure reflected sunlight and thermal radiation emitted by the Earth
- ATMS: Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder and CrIS: Cross-track Infrared Sounder: to provide atmospheric and temperature profiles for weather forecasting; (built by Northrop Grumman)
- VIIRS: Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite: creates high-resolution imagery of the atmosphere using visible and infrared channels;
- OMPS: Ozone Mapping and Profiler Suite: measures ozone concentration in the atmosphere and provides significant input to the numerical forecast models.

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Technical data


Prime contractor Ball Aeropsace
Mass at launch  
Dry mass  
Solar array  
DC power  
Design lifetime  

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