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Kazsat 1


Designation 29230 / 06022A
Launch date 18 Jun 2006
Country of origin Kazakhstan
Mission Telecommunications
Geostationary orbit 103°E
Launch vehicle Proton #322

Operated by JSC KazSat. Satellite alone should cost $100 million. Transfered under Kazakhstan ground station on 17 Oct 2006.

Experienced a multi-hour glitch on 9 Jan 2008 because of a control system problem.

An onboard computer seemed to have failed on 8 Jun 2008 but control of the satellite could be regained in October 2008... by discharging entirely the batteries. Only part of the components were reactivated. The satellite failed again on 26 Nov 2008.

The kazakh goverment announced the insurance has repaid the satellite entirely in 2011.

End of life

Out of service 26 Nov 2008
Cause Onboard computer failure
Moved to the junk orbit in Aug 2009.

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Technical data

Lyngsat transponder loading


Prime contractor Krunichev
Platform Yakhta
Mass at launch 1380 kg
Payload mass 350 kg
Solar array provide 1300 W power
DC power  
Design lifetime 12 years

Payload provided by Alenia Spazio.


Main transponders 12
Backup transponders  
Bandwidth 72 MHz
Coverage Kazakhstan +Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and parts of Russia
EIRP max  
G/T max  

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