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Designation 39685 / 14022F
Launch date 18 Apr 2014
Country of origin United States
Mission Technology
Perigee/Apogee 244/270 km
Inclination 51.6°
Period 89 min
Launch vehicle Falcon 9 #14

3U cubesat: 1U contains the avionic bus, the rest contains a deployer for 100 "chipsats" (sprite). Each Sprite is a tiny spacecraft with power, sensor and communication systems on a printed circuit board. It is intended as a general-purpose sensor platform for micro-electro-mechanical and other chip-scale sensors with the ability to downlink data to ground stations from low Earth orbit.

Developed by Cornell University.

A timer problem prevented to ejection of the chipsats and that couldn't be done before satellite reentry.

End of life

Decay 16 May 2014

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