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Koreasat 1

Also called Mugunghwa Ir Ho and Europe*Star B


Designation 23639 / 95041A
Launch date 5 Aug 1995 at 11:10 UT
Country of origin South Korea
Mission Telecommunications
Geostationary orbit see below
Launch vehicle Delta 2 #228

The launch experienced a partial failure: a booster rocket to separate. The preliminary reports indicate that explosive lines on the Delta 2 vehicle were damaged by exposure to excessive temperatures, causing one of the solid motors not to separate. The booster separation malfunction was blamed on the heat-related failure of insulation protecting the rocket's booster separation circuits.

This resulted in a wrong orbit delivery. The satellite reached GEO at the end of August on its own and used part of is propellant. Thus its lifetime was reduced to 4.5 years.


Begin End Position
L: 5 Aug 1995 Apr 2000 116°E
Jul 2000 Sep 2000 45°E (Europestar B)
Oct 2000 Dec 2005 47.5°E

After relocation, its beam is said to be focused on Hungary.

End of life

Out of service Dec 2005
Cause Moved to the junk orbit

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Technical data

Lyngsat transponder loading

Ku-band (telecom)
Ku-band (DBS)

EIRP coverage (dBW)


G/T coverage (dB/K)

Equipped with a Star 30 solid apogee motor. Carries 625 kg of fuel for the apogee motor and 187 kg of hydrazine propellant.

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