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Landsat 7


Designation 25682 / 99020A
Launch date 15 Apr 1999
Country of origin United States
Mission Remote sensing
Perigee/Apogee 705 km sun synchronous (descending node: 10:00 AM)
Inclination 98.2°
Period 99 min (16-day cycle)
Launch vehicle Delta 2 #268

Launch under the MELVS contract. The satellite will be operated by NASA's Goddard until Oct 2000 and then be transfered to thr US Geological Survey. The entire project is worth $800 million.

On 31 May 2003, the ETM payload suffered a failure with its SLC instrument and stopped producing pictures. Picture taking was resumed in July 2003 to see if they can be used as the failure could not be fixed and appears to be mechanical and permanent. Picture resolution is degraded (25% of data is unusable).

Still operational in 2009.

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Technical data


TDRS used for telemetry and command:
Telemetry: 2287.5 MHz (1.216 Mbps or upto 4.864 Mbps in SSA mode)
Command: 2106.4 MHz (125 kbps or upto 1 kbps in SSA mode)
Data: 8212.5 & 8342.5 MHz (150 Mbps each, can be used at the same time)

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