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Maqsat H

Also called Teamsat (Technology, science and Education experiments Added to Maqsat)


Designation 25023 / 97066A
Launch date 30 Oct 1997
Country of origin Europe
Mission Technology
Perigee/Apogee 554/26612 km
Inclination 7.7°
Period 468 min
Launch vehicle Ariane V101

Dummy satellite full of instruments to measure environment of launch. This satellite contained the Teamsat experiment, which released the YES satellite.

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Technical data

Built by Kayser-Threde of Munich, Germany. Teamsat was produced in 7 months at ESTEC. 2300 kg


Orbiting Debris Device(ODD) - Automation & Informatics Department, ESTEC. The MAQSAT-H satellite is painted with contrasting patterns (75% white and 25% black) to support testing and calibration of ground-based optical and radar stations in Europe. The contrasting paint should also allow detection of the rotation or tumbling of MAQSAT-H. Additionally, surface paint degradation will be studied.

Autonomous Vision System (AVS) - Technical University of Denmark. AVS is a camera which automatically recognises and tracks stars or non-stellar objects (such as satellites). AVS can be used to identify specific stars, determine the attitude of satellites for navigation purposes and acquire images.

Visual Telemetry System (VTS) - MMS Bristol (UK) / IMEC and OIP (Belgium). VTS is an imaging system to monitor spacecraft activities such as the operations of critical mechanisms. TEAMSAT hosts a system of three cameras and a master unit to provide compressed image sequences of the fairing opening and satellite separations.

Flux Probe Experiment (FIPEX) - University of Stuttgart. FIPEX will measure the concentration of atomic oxygen at altitudes up to 1000 kilometres. Atomic oxygen is known for its erosion effect and degradation of optical surfaces and lenses.

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