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Multiple Application Survivable Tether experiment


Designation 31126 / 07012K
Launch date 17 Apr 2007
Country of origin United States
Mission Technology
Perigee/Apogee 647/782 km
Inclination 98°
Period 99 min
Launch vehicle Dnepr #8

Built by Standford University students.

Mast will experiment with tethers (especially their degration due to space junk (natural and artificial) and UV). It will release 2 picosatellites which will deploy tethers. The 3 satellites are also named MAST Ted, MAST Gadget, MAST Ralph.
Approx 1 kg before deployment.

The 2 deployed satellites are believed to be 31133 & 31134 (07012S & 07012T).

The tether failed to deploy.

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