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Designation 28184 / 04007A
Launch date 13 Mar 2004
Country of origin Japan & South Korea
Mission Telecommunications
Geostationary orbit see below
Launch vehicle Atlas 3 #144

Satellite build + launch cost: $235 million

The satellite initially owned by SK Telecom (South Korea, 34.66%) and MBC (Japan, 65.34%). MBC (Mobile Broadcasting Corporation) is a partnership of 42 Japanese companies - including Fujitsu Ltd., Matsushita Electric/Panasonic, Nippon TV, Toshiba Corp. and Toyota Motor.

Delivers digital multimedia information services such as CD-quality audio, MPEG-4 video and data to mobile users throughout Japan. Delivers mobile television services (handsets and in-vehicle equipment). Service was discontinued in March 2009 because of financial issues.


Begin End Position
L: 13 Mar 2004 Jun 2013 144°E
Aug 2013 Feb 2014 75°E
Mar 2014 Oct 2014 63°E
Nov 2014 Jan 2020 61°E
Jan 2020   61°E inclined

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Technical data

Lyngsat transponder loading


Prime contractor SS/L
Platform FS-1300
Mass at launch 4143 kg
Mass in orbit  
Solar array 31 m span
Stabilization 3-axis
DC power EOL: 7.4 kW
Design lifetime 12 years

12-meter antenna. Has Stationary Plasma Thrusters (SPT) for North-South stationkeeping. These have been tested properly and are used routinely.


Main transponders 16 (50 audio + 16 video channels)
Backup transponders  
Power 120 W
Bandwidth 1.25 MHz
Coverage Japan and South Korea
EIRP max  
G/T max  
Frequencies 2.630-2.655 GHz

Will use MPEG 4 and AAC compression.


Main transponders
Backup transponders  
Bandwidth 25 MHz
Coverage Japan and South Korea
EIRP max  
G/T max  

Two of these transponders are to feed terrestrial repeaters.

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