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Meteor 3-05


Designation 21655 / 91056A
Launch date 15 Aug 1991
Country of origin CIS
Mission Meteorology
Perigee/Apogee 1184/1203 km
Inclination 82.55°
Period 109.3 min
Launch vehicle Cyclone 3 #94

Carried the TOMS instrument which failed in 1994. Replaced Meteor 2-21

End of life

Out of service Feb 2003
Cause failure

Technical data

Transmits on 137.30 MHz (APT) (earlier it transmitted at 137.850 MHz but this caused interference when Resurs O1-4 was launched)


Wavebands 312.5; 317.5; 331.3; 339.8; 360.0; 380.0 nm.
Resolution 63 x 63 km²
Swath width 2900 km

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