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Meteor 3-07

Also called Meteor 3M


Designation 27001 / 01056A
Launch date 10 Dec 2001
Country of origin Russia
Mission Meteorology
Perigee/Apogee 1020 km, sun-synchronous
Inclination 99.6°
Period 105 min
Launch vehicle Zenit #35

This is the first of an improved series.

It carries visible and IR sensors and NASA's SAGE III instrument. The latter delayed the launched by 6-months as it had to be returned to manufacturer after satellite integration. Sage 3 studies aerosols and the ozone layer.

On 2 Jan 2002 the 1.7 GHz transmitter had an anomaly which delays the testing.

End of life

Out of service Dec 2003
Cause All data transmitters failed. It was the last Russian meteorological operating satellite.

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Technical data


Prime contractor Elektromekhanika Research Institute (VNIIEM)
Mass at launch 2500 kg
Mass in orbit  
Solar array  
DC power  
Design lifetime at least 3 years

The Sage 3 payload will downlink over Wallops facility on 1704.3384 MHz, 665.4 Kbps.

The TV meteocomplex MR-700M onboard downlinks at 465.5 MHz.

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