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Meteosat 5

Also called MOP 2


Designation 21140 / 91015B
Launch date 2 Mar 1991
Country of origin Europe
Mission Meteorology
Geostationary orbit see below
Launch vehicle Ariane V42

Moved to 65°E to take part in the INDOEX experiment (interaction between clouds and pollution)

In Mar 2005, the data collection payload was reconfigured to take part in the new tsunami alert system. It relayed communications with buoys to NOAA which manages the pacific alert system. That service was taken over by Meteosat 7 in Dec 2006.


Begin End Position
L: 2 Mar 1991    
1993 1997 0°E
May 1997 Feb 1998 9°W
Jun 1998 Apr 2007 62.9°E

End of life

Out of service Apr 2007
Cause Moved to the junk orbit

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Technical data


Downlink frequency: 137.08 MHz, 1691 & 1694.5 MHz + in S-band
Heard on 1675.281, 1675.18 1686.833, 1691, 1695.77 MHz

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