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Meteosat 6

Also called MOP 3


Designation 22912 / 93073B
Launch date 20 Nov 1993
Country of origin Europe
Mission Meteorology
Geostationary orbit see below
Launch vehicle Ariane V61

The radiometer didn't work in IR band thus temperature couldn't be measured. The problem could be solved in April 1995 after a software was developed to correct the data.

Cost: $67.5 million


Begin End Position
L: 20 Nov 1993 Jan 1996 10°W
Feb 1996 Jun 1998
Jul 1998 Sep 2002 9°W
Oct 2002 Jan 2007 9°E (standby)
May 2007 Apr 2011 67°E

Record holder of the longest operating Meteosat satellites.

End of life

Out of service 15 Apr 2011
Cause moved to the junk orbit

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Technical data


Downlink frequency: 137.08 MHz, 1691 & 1694.5 MHz
Equipped with 1 S-band transponder. Data rate: 2.6 Mbps

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