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Microlab 1

Also called Orbview 1


Designation 23547 / 95017C
Launch date 3 Apr 1995 at 13:48 UT
Country of origin United States
Operator Orbital Science Corporation
Mission Scientific
Perigee/Apogee 727/756 km
Inclination 70°
Launch vehicle Pegasus #8
Launch site Cape Canaveral

It carries NASA-MSFC's Optical Transient Detector experiment to study the global distribution of lightning, and the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research's GPS-MET experiment which will study the occultation of GPS navigation satellite signals by the atmosphere to derive meteorological information.

Microlab is owned by OSC, with NASA and NSF renting the space for and operation of their experiments.

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Technical data


Prime contractor OSC
Platform Microstar
Mass at launch 68 kg
Mass in orbit  
Diameter 1 m
Height 0.3 m
DC power  
Design lifetime 2 years

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