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Microsat R


Designation 43947 / 19006A
Launch date 24 Jan 2019
Country of origin India
Mission Military
Perigee/Apogee 247 / 311 km
Inclination 96.6°
Period 89.9 min
Launch vehicle PSLV #47

Developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) laboratories.
744 kg

End of life

Out of service 26 Mar 2019
Cause On 26 Mar 2019, the satellite was destroyed by an anti-satellite missile while in a 260 x 282 km x 96.6° orbit. The mission was named Shakti and lead by the DRDO. This makes India the fourth country with ASAT capability (USA, Russia, China are the others) using a ballistic missile. Some 400 debris have been identified.
Decay Expected during April-July 2019 but in early August there was still over 50 traceable pieces in orbit.
Main object: 23 Jul 2019

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