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Mightysat 2

Also called Mightysat 2.1 or Sindri P99-1


Designation 26414 / 00042A
Launch date 19 Jul 2000
Country of origin United States
Mission Technology
Perigee/Apogee 550 km sunsynchronous
Inclination 97.8°
Launch vehicle Minotaur #2

Ordered by the Department of Defense Space Test programme and the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). The mission including launch is said to cost $37 million

Is connected to the two 0.25 kg Picosats by 30 m long tethers.

End of life

Out of service  
Decay 12 Nov 2002

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Technical data


Prime contractor Spectrum Astro
Platform SA-200B
Mass at launch 120 kg
Mass in orbit  
Payload mass ~62 kg
Solar array  
Stabilization 3-axis
DC power EOL: 380 W
Design lifetime 1 year

The satellite is host to an imaging instrument, a Fourier Transform Hyperspectral Imager (FTHSI), and a variety of advanced AFRL space technology experiments, such as a solar array concentrator (SAC), an ultra-light weight communications unit (NSX) and MFCBS that contains a multifunctional composite bus structure.

Has a 380 MB solid state storage. Downlinks at 1 Mbps, Uplink: 2 kbps

An Aerospace Corp./DARPA picosatellite experiment, consisting of two small boxes (0.25 kg each, measuring 100x750x250mm each) connected by a deployable tether, is attached to Mightysat. Those objects, released on 7 Sep 2001, are known as Picosat 7 & 8 CATNR 26904, LAUNR 00042C

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