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Nato 3D


Designation 15391 / 84115A
Launch date 14 Nov 1984
Country of origin NATO
Mission Military: telecommunications
Geostationary orbit see below
Launch vehicle Thor Delta #177


Begin End Position
L: 14 Nov 1984    
Feb 1995 Mar 1997 21°W, inclined
Apr 1997 Mar 2003 18.5°W, inclined

End of life

Out of service Mar 2003
Cause Moved to the junk orbit

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Technical data


Prime contractor Ford Aerospace
Mass at launch  
Mass in orbit 385 kg ?
Dimension 2.13 m (diameter) x 2.74 m (high)
Solar array  
DC power 500 W
Design lifetime  

Downlinks in UHF- (250-315 MHz), C- and X-band

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