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Also called NOAA H


Designation 19531 / 88089A
Launch date 24 Sep 1988
Country of origin United States
Mission Meteorology
Perigee/Apogee 814/856 km
Inclination 99.059°
Period 101.9 min
Launch vehicle Atlas E
Launch site Vandenberg

Studies ozone

The attitude control subsystem lost two of its four gyros and was operated successfully with specialized onboard software. Several instruments failed in 1994 (AVHRR, SBUV/2, etc.) It was reactivedted to provide HIRS/2 after the partial failure of this instrument on NOAA 12

End of life

Out of service Mar 1995 but reactivated in May 1997, decommissioned in June 2004
Cause replaced by NOAA 14

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Technical data


APT downlink freq. 137.620 MHz (inoperative)
HRPT downlink freq. 1707.0 MHz
Beacon 137.770 MHz (inoperative?)

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