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Also called NOAA J


Designation 23455 / 94089A
Launch date 30 Dec 1994 at 10:02 UT
Country of origin United States
Mission Meteorology
Perigee/Apogee 847/861 km
Inclination 98.9°
Period 102 min
Launch vehicle Atlas E
Launch site Vandenberg SLC3

Replaced NOAA 11 whose cloud cover imaging instrument had failed a few months before this launch. Besides an imaging radiometer, it carries optical sounders to monitor temperature and moisture content in the atmosphere, and counters to measure energetic electrons and protons.

A gas leak caused some difficulties in attitude control shortly after launch, but this has been resolved. The motor for the Microwave Sounding Unit on the NOAA 14 spacecraft has stopped working. Records show the unit is from a delivery made to Martin Marietta dating back to 1984! The microwave sounder returned to normal operation in May 1995 after a software patch was installed to cope with any repeat failure. Its life expectancy remains uncertain.

In Feb 1995, the SARP failed, the SBUV/2 Cloud Cover Radiometer (CCR) failed, and DTR 4A/B was deemed inoperable.

NOAA 14 also has a power-supply problem in its Sarsat receiver.

End of life

Out of service May 2007
Cause End of life

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HRPT transmissions on 1698 MHz

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