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Offek 3


Designation 23549 / 95018A
Launch date 5 Apr 1995 at 11:16 UT
Country of origin Israel
Mission Military: reconnaissance
Perigee/Apogee 369/729 km
Inclination 143.4° (retrograd orbit)
Period 95.6 min
Launch vehicle Shavit #4
Launch site Palmahim
Mass at launch 225 kg

Reported by Israel's media as the first spy satellite... but it's most likely not a fullyfleged spy satellite.

Offek 3 is the first of the second-generation light satellites for Israel. The system is being proposed and marketed by Israel Aircraft Industries and MLM System Engineering and Integration to carry payloads for astronomy and remote sensing purposes. The light-weight electro-optical scanner or Earth Resources Monitoring System carried aboard this mission was developed by El-Op. Equipped with a high-resolution camera.

End of life

Out of service late 1997
Decay 25 Oct 2000

After Israel Space Agency, the satellite might be working 2 more years.

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Technical data


Prime contractor IAI
Mass at launch  
Payload mass 36 kg
Solar array  
Stabilization 3-axis
DC power 180 W
Design lifetime  

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