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Also called L SAT (Large SATellite)


Designation 20122 / 89053A
Launch date 12 Jul 1989
Country of origin Europe
Mission Telecommunications
Geostationary orbit 19°W
Launch vehicle Ariane V32

End of life

Out of service 12 Aug 1993
Cause Out of control

The control's satellite was lost on 29 May 1991 because of a stabilization problem that caused an electric interruption. The satellite then drifted over Pacific and Atlantic. It was found by radars and the control was taken over by the ESA's station in Darmstadt on 19 Jun 1992. It was then put back into service on 7 Aug 1992.
On 12 Aug 1993 it started rotating and fell in backup mode to try to stabilize (during the Perseid shower, because of a meteor impact). It consumed so much fuel that there was not enough left to bring it back in service. The spacecraft was send to the junk orbit.

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Technical data


Prime contractor British Aerospace (now MMS)
Platform Olympus
Mass at launch 2595 kg
Payload mass 359 kg
Dimension 2.9 x 2.7 x 5.6 m
Solar array 26 m span
DC power EOL: 3600 W
Stabilization 3-axis
Design lifetime 7 years


Main transponders 2 (DBS) + 4
Backup transponders  
Power DBS: 2 transponders of 230 W (TWTA)
others: 4 transponders of 30 W (TWTA)
Bandwidth DBS: 27 MHz
others: 18 & 36 MHz
Coverage DBS: Italy and Europe (steerable)
others: 5 spots
EIRP max DBS: 63 dBW
others: 33.3 dBW
Frequencies DBS: 12/18 GHz
others: 12/14 GHz

Ka-band (20/30 GHz)

Main transponders 2
Backup transponders 1
Power 30 W (TWTA)
Bandwidth 40 & 700 MHz
Coverage 2 steerable spot beams
EIRP max 52.1 dBW

Equipped with 5 steerable antennas for numerous experiments (direct TV and HDTV). Also equipped with 3 beacons at 12, 20 and 30 GHz for propagation measurements. Non Ku-band DBS transponders are designed for digital transmissions in AMRT with an on-board matrix commuter.

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