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Optus B2


Designation 22278 / 92090A
Launch date 21 Dec 1992 at 11:20 UT
Country of origin Australia
Mission Telecommunications
Geostationary orbit n/a
Launch vehicle Long March 2E

End of life

Out of service 21 Dec 1992
Cause The satellite was destroyed when the fairing area of the launch vehicle was destroyed some 47 seconds after liftoff. The cause of the failure is still subject to some speculation and disagreement but was almost certainly due to wind shear effects encountered just after liftoff.

The Optus B series of satellites have a liquid propulsion apogee engine (not solid propelled motor). They do, however, have a solid perigee stage when launched on Long March 2E. It is almost certain that this solid motor (plus a few remnants of the satellite itself) is all that was delivered into orbit.

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Technical data

Antenna specifications
Transponder frequency chart

EIRP coverage (dBW)

Central beam
Australian spot beams
High Performance beam

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