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Orbview 3


Designation 27838 / 03030A
Launch date 26 Jun 2003
Country of origin United States
Mission Remote sensing
Perigee/Apogee 470 km sun-synchronous (10:30 AM)
Inclination 97°
Period 92.5 min
Orbital cycle < 3 days
Launch vehicle Pegasus XL #35

USAF contract worth $41.5 million

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End of life

Out of service 4 Mar 2007
Cause Anomaly on the camera electronics.
Decay 13 Mar 2011

Technical data


Prime contractor OSC
Platform Microstar
Mass at launch 304 kg
Mass in orbit  
Solar array  
DC power  
Design lifetime 5 years

On board storage: 4 GB Maximum data rate: 150 Mbps Should operate in the 8025-8400 MHz frequency band, TT&C communications would be in UHF-, S- and X-band.

Ability to turn from side to side up to 45° from the polar orbit path


Wavebands Panchromatic: 450-900 nm
450-520 nm
520-600 nm
625-695 nm
760-900 nm
Swath width 8 km
Resolution Panchromatic: 1 m
Multispectral: 4 m

Instrument provided by Northrop Grumman

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